An Overview of Personal Loans

With the economy in such dire straits, many people are looking to different types of loans to take care of their bills while searching for second jobs. Personal loans are loans made directly to the borrower from a bank or lending house. Covering everything from medical bills to credit cards to student loans, these loans are helping people get what they need, when they need it. While there are many different types of personal loans, the can all be categorized as one of two different types: secured and unsecured. Which type of loan you get is dependent on what you will be using the money for. Some loans are available in both secured and unsecured options, while others are only found as one or the other.

Secured personal loans are provided by specific lenders, and have their repayment secured by a physical item. This is how they get their classification. The two most common types of secured loans are home mortgages and car loans. The loans are made specifically for a single purchase. This purchase is repaid in set amounts every month over the length of the loan. If payments are ceased, the lender repossesses the item – the car or the house – in lieu of payment. In contrast, Unsecured Personal Loans are the more common and the more recognizable. Unsecured loans cover a vast majority of ground, from store lines of credit to student loans to medical bills. Once these loans are issued, they can be used for a range of items and services. In addition, many unsecured loans have variable interest rates that can change monthly or annually.

For people who need extra money to pay for a car or a college education, personal loans are available to help fund their needs lenders are available for all credit situations.

How to Pick the Best Credit Card for You: 4 Easy Steps

Finding the best credit card is part art, part science.

No single credit card is better than all others in all categories -- or for all people. But by understanding your options and asking the right questions, you can find the card that’s the best fit for your spending habits and credit situation.

Follow these four steps to find the best credit card for you.

1. Check your credit

Find out what credit card offers you might be eligible for by checking your credit score. The better your score, the greater your chance of being approved for cards with better perks. Many credit card issuers give their cardholders free access to their FICO credit score, and several third-party...

12 Best Credit Cards for Travelers

With the annual holiday travel season looming, you'll want to take advantage of credit card rewards that'll add onto the savings you've already accumulated from cheap gas prices and falling airfare rates. CardHub, a credit card comparison website, compared over 1,000 credit card offers in order to produce a list of the 14 best travel deals.

The cards listed below generally offer rewards like free hotel stays or bonus miles for spending specific amounts within a few months of signing up. Most of the cards also offer some sort of ongoing rewards program. But while these cards might be valuable for frequent fliers, they might not be right for everyone -- so consider the fees involved and whether...

Police: Tens of Thousands of Dollars Stolen in Green Bay Credit Card Fraud

Green Bay Police say they are working several cases of credit card fraud involving tens of thousands of dollars.

Investigators scatter a handful of the credit cards on a table. They were all seized from people police say stole credit card numbers, then bought tens of thousands of dollars in electronics and gift cards.

This guy in this case, we caught him at a bank, trying to reload the cards, and they ended up calling us. As we approached, he took off running, and we caught him. He had, I think, around 20 different cards on him, says Green Bay Police Lt. Rick Belanger.

The cards are technically real and sometimes even show a thief’s true name.

The problem...

Encore Capital Group Inc Analyst Rating Update

Encore Capital Group Inc (NASDAQ:ECPG) witnessed a decline in the market cap on Tuesday as its shares dropped 13.94% or 5.73 points. After the session commenced at $40.99, the stock reached the higher end at $41.325 while it hit a low of $34.79. With the volume soaring to 2,650,224 shares, the last trade was called at $35.37. The company has a 52-week high of $46.18. The company has a market cap of $893 million and there are 25,237,121 shares in outstanding. The 52-week low of the share price is $35.2.

Encore Capital Group, Inc. has lost 10.02% in the last five trading days and dropped 1.26% in the last 4 weeks. Encore Capital Group, Inc. has dropped 18.76% during the last 3-month period...

Money3 exits payday lending

Short-term finance company Money3 willleave the pay-day lending business by the end of the financial year amid increasing consumer pressure and government scrutiny ofthe sector, following a lengthy battle with the lenders former boss.

Money3, whichprovides small secured and unsecured loans,today said it had resolved to exit the unsecured small amount credit contract lending despite the business profitability.

"While the unsecured business, consisting of the branch network, online business and a gross loan book circa $50 million, continues to be profitable, the board has determined that the future focus of Money3 should be on the secured segment of the business and related growth...

Security-chip credit cards still not in wide use

New technology aimed at keeping you safe when making a purchase with a credit card has arrived -- sort of.

Despite both retailers and credit-card companies facing a deadline of more than a month ago to be ready for new cards containing computer chips, the conversion is far from complete.

The so-called EMV cards being made by credit-card companies are embedded with a computer chip -- a small metallic square on the front of the card -- that makes them harder to counterfeit and are supposed to protect against fraud.

In return for companies' making the safer cards, retailers have promised to install new equipment in their stores that will read them.

But the cards have...

Shawbrook Group PLC Given “Hold” Rating at Numis Securities Ltd (SHAW)

Numis Securities Ltd reissued their hold rating on shares of Shawbrook Group PLC (LON:SHAW) in a research report released on Thursday morning, Market reports. The brokerage currently has a GBX 337 ($5.20) price objective on the stock.

Shawbrook Group PLC (LON:SHAW) opened at 365.00 on Thursday. Shawbrook Group PLC has a 52 week low of GBX 290.00 and a 52 week high of GBX 393.25. The companys 50 day moving average is GBX 326.73 and its 200 day moving average is GBX 337.36. The stocks market cap is GBX 912.50 million.

Several other research analysts also recently weighed in on SHAW. Goldman Sachs decreased their price target on shares of Shawbrook Group PLC from GBX 380 ($5.86)...

Three men indicted on charges of making fake credit cards

A Fayette County grand jury has indicted three men in connection with the making and using of fake credit cards.

Dmytro Bondaryev, 27, Maxim Zhestkov, 24, and Anatoly Mustyukov, 55, were named in a 78-count indictment returned Wednesday in Fayette Circuit Court.

Lexington police arrested and charged the three on Sept. 23 after they allegedly tried to purchase cigarettes and gift cards with fake credit cards at the Kroger off Bryan Station Road.

They are each charged with one count of trafficking in financial information and one count of the false making or embossing of a credit or debit card. The remaining 76 counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument...

An inside look into the recent amendments to the Ontario PPSA location of the …

On December 31, 2015, amendments (enacted in 2006) to the conflicts of law rules in the Ontario Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) will be proclaimed into force. In order to perfect security in certain types of collateral, these new rules will need to be considered by creditors in order to determine the appropriate jurisdiction of registration. Failing to follow the new rules could adversely affect a creditors priority.

The perfection, validity, and priority of a security interest in intangibles, mobile goods (ie, inventory or equipment that is leased or held for lease and normally used in more than one jurisdiction) and non-possessory security interests over negotiable documents...

Interest Free Balance Transfer Credit Cards: 5 Questions to Ask Before Signing Up

Grace Chang graduated from college debt-free. It wasn't until she began working full time that she started using credit cards, and eventually ran up a balance of $4,000.  

At first, monthly expenses like gas and groceries were easy to pay off in full. But after a few unexpected medical expenses and car repairs, it became harder to put a dent in the balance. "I also love traveling, and have been traveling a lot in the past year with my boyfriend, so that doesnt help," says Chang.  

Despite making changes like bringing her lunch to work, the debt hit its peak last month when she made the decision to get braces, something she had been considering for years. The expense doubled...

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